Production of custom-made brushes

Order form for a cylindrical brush
Order form for flat brush

Belgorod Brush Factory offers the production of custom-made brushes. Qualified engineers will help to plot drawings correctly, and managers will offer several options for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Purpose of Brushes

Our brush factory offers custom-made brushes for various enterprises in the production complex and services:

  1. Agricultural purposes - grain brushes BZN and OVS, plank brushes Pectus (Pectus Giant), circular brushes.
  2. For medical companies and pharmacology - dental brushes, devices for washing hands and tools
  3. For the production of PVC products (doors, windows) - table brushes and specialized shafts.
  4. For the food industry: brushes for milk processing, confectionery factories and canneries, products for beekeeping and alcohol industry, poultry farms and meat processing plants, pasta, flour and fruit and vegetable enterprises.
  5. For the military-industrial complex, bore brushes are produced for cleaning firearms barrels.
  6. For the chemical industry, flap brushes and cylindrical products for dry cleaners are produced.
  7. Glass production involves plank brushes, products from polyurethane and specialized brush shafts.
  8. The textile industry requires lapping brushes, cylindrical brushes for applying powder to fabrics and round brushes for the manufacture of faux fur products.
  9. Livestock models include cow dandy brushes.

In addition, we offer brushes for washing cars, buses, trolleybuses, train and electric train cars, models for floor cleaning machines and ventilation. All products are made from high-quality materials in full compliance with process norms.

ВTypes of Brushes

By the form, the products are grouped in the following types:

  • bore models, designed to clean various containers and pipes;
  • guides, used as soft regulators of the movement of goods along conveyors;
  • flat brushes, used to clean even surfaces;
  • semi-shafts, shafts, radius, curvilinear and spiral models, designed for work in various industrial units.

In some cases, our experts are ready to make brushes by printing them on a 3D printer according to an individual order. In addition, we offer renewal and restoration of used brushes, which significantly reduces the client's costs for components.

To make an order, just download, fill out the order form and send it to the specified email address.