Ventilation brushes

Every home and business has a specific ventilation system. It may vary in configuration, capacity and size, but the purpose of this system is to disinfect and provide clean and fresh air indoors. To ensure the proper functioning of the air system, it must be cleaned regularly. A set of flexible shafts has been developed for this purpose.

Features of flexible shafts

A flexible shaft — a long rod, bending in any direction, on which the brush is mounted, which is fixed by a special mechanism.

Brushes can be different:

  • the base is made of polypropylene, resistant to mechanical stress and temperature;
  • bristles can be different hardness — from soft to hard, it all depends on the purpose of the shaft and the customer's wishes;
  • the length of the bristles and their location on the base is directly dependent on the purpose of the product.

Brushes for ventilation cleaning are used to release air ducts of different diameters from debris, soot and dust.

Operating principle of our factory

Our company in Warsaw offers its customers brushes for vacuum cleaning machines and manual devices. We offer:

  • products of our own production, manufactured according to international quality standards;
  • manufacture of round and other configurations of brushes for ventilation systems to order according to customer drawings;
  • development of brush design of given sizes with their subsequent manufacturing;
  • restoration of defective models, including base repairs and replacement of bristles.

Our ventilation brushes come with a warranty and will last you a long time.

Call us by phone, listed on the site, and ask questions that have not found an answer: about cooperation, about the contract. For regular customers there is a flexible system of discounts and the possibility of prepayment of 50% and post-pay. If necessary, the delivery of products in the city and regions of a certain amount of the order.

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