Brushes for the textile industry

In our company you can buy brushes for textile industry of any kind. The advantage of cooperation is the possibility to order any model of brush according to individual dimensions and drawings. Competent specialists of our factory will produce the design of the product according to any of your requirements and will produce original brushes in the shortest possible time.

Variety of brushes for the textile industry

There are many kinds of brushes used in the textile industry. From our product catalog you can choose the following:

  • lapping brushes are used for cotton production;
  • cylindrical brushes are used to coat fabrics with powder;
  • round brushes for the production of fur;
  • propylene brushes - for textile industry.

We manufacture our products with the most modern materials:

  • polypropylene;
  • wood;
  • synthetic filaments.

All materials are purchased from proven manufacturers and meet the standards of environmental friendliness and safety. Each model when leaving the conveyor is thoroughly tested for compliance with GOST requirements, which completely eliminates the production of defects.

Information about cooperation and choice of brush type you can learn on the website or by calling the specified phone numbers. Our qualified sales managers will walk you through the details of the purchase transaction and advise you of the best payment and delivery options. We offer products by large and small batches of a certain number of units in the order. You can order delivery of brushes in Warsaw. For regular customers we provide discounts and the ability to pay any convenient way.

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