Brushes for washing machines

Our company offers in Warsaw brushes for scrubber driers created in accordance with all quality standards and strictly according to GOST. You can order us to manufacture brushes for any type of equipment or according to individual parameters. Our engineers will create an accurate design of the required product and produce it on modern equipment in accordance with all the nuances and wishes of the customer.

Brush applications for scrubber driers

Large cleaning companies, shopping and sports centers, large enterprises and factories use many different manufacturers' scrubbing machines to clean their premises. Brushes are a must in any unit. They come in different sizes and shapes, differing in thickness and length of the bristles.

The benefits of this element are unquestionable:

  1. With a brush, the machine can thoroughly clean any, even the dirtiest surface.
  2. The rotating movement of the mechanism allows it to quickly collect and direct dirt and dust inside the machine without residue.
  3. The bristles on the rollers are specially positioned to clean the floor as effectively as possible.

Our company offers brush rollers made of modern materials. The cylindrical base is made of impact resistant polyurethane and has a through hole to attach it to the mechanisms of the scrubber drier. The bristles are made of dense and thick synthetic fibers that do not react to household chemicals and are not subject to the process of rotting when wet. We also offer a brush refurbishment service for scrubber brushes.

You can order from us batches of any size with delivery in Warsaw.

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