Brushes for the food industry

Our company manufactures and sells brushes for the food industry of various types. As manufacturers of all products presented in the catalog of the factory, we can safely guarantee their high quality, environmental friendliness and durability in use.

Types of brushes for the food industry

Despite the numerous branches of the food industry, in each of them there are many technical means, equipment and devices, which provide brushes of different modifications — flat, round, cylindrical, with long or thick, rare or frequent pile. In our catalog you will find models for the following branches of the food industry:

  • dairy processing and cheese making;
  • confectioneries and canning factories;
  • bee-keeping, poultry farms, meat packing plants, pig farms;
  • production of ethyl alcohol, pasta and cereals;
  • fruit and vegetable processing enterprises.

The construction of each model is based on natural hardwood, polypropylene or plywood. And the pile is either real hair or polypropylene, nylon, or polyamide synthetic bristles. If necessary, our specialists will develop an individual design of the brush according to the customer's drawings.

Features of cooperation with us

Our company offers its customers all the products at the most attractive prices directly from the manufacturer, without the participation of third parties and intermediary companies. The system of discounts is valid in two cases:

  • for regular customers of the company;
  • when ordering a large batch of products.

All details of pricing and delivery in Warsaw, Poland regions and abroad are discussed individually. By agreement, prepayment and postpayment of 50% of the cost of the party is possible.

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