Brushes for medical companies

The main activity of our company is the production of brushes for various industries and services. We manufacture and sell brushes for medical enterprises directly, without intermediaries and third parties. This is the main determinant of the affordable price of all products presented in the catalog.

Types of brushes for medical enterprises

We offer 2 main types of medical brushes:

  1. Dental roller brushes for the grinder. Represents plastic round products with a hole in the center for attaching to the machine. On the edge of the model there are 4 rows of bristles of natural hair. Brushes of this design are used for polishing dentures.
  2. Brushes for washing hands, equipment, materials and equipment are small rectangular-shaped products, the base of which is made of natural wood. The natural bristles are arranged in 4 rows in dense bunches. The device is used to wash hands before and after various kinds of medical manipulations.

Without exception, all products are certified and manufactured in accordance with established standards of quality and safety. If necessary, our specialists can make brushes according to the given drawings or develop their own in accordance with the provided dimensions.

Features of working with our company

We offer our customers a number of advantages of working with our company:

  • you get the goods without markups, directly from the manufacturer;
  • you can order any bulk batch starting from 10 units;
  • opportunity to pay 50% of the cost of goods by prepayment or postpaid.

For regular customers or with a large order our company offers substantial discounts on all types of products. Delivery in Warsaw, Poland and foreign countries is carried out according to agreement and depends on the size of the wholesale party.

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