Brushes for the military-industrial complex

Our factory produces brushes for the military-industrial complex of different diameter and length of bristles. The products are called can brushes and are designed for cleaning gun barrels of firearms. The cylindrical base of the brushes is made of hardwood or durable polypropylene. Different bristles can be used:

  • nylon;
  • polypropylene;
  • natural.

Brush bundles are built into the base in a specific sequence that allows for quality preventive maintenance.

Features of bath brushes usage

We produce products for the defense industry of the country, fully meeting all requirements and international quality standards. Bath brushes are made with a diameter smaller than the barrel of the weapon for which they are designed.

The principle of use of the products is as follows:

  1. The brush is threaded on a steel or wooden rod.
  2. With reciprocating movements the muzzle of the gun is cleaned from dirt and carbon deposits.
  3. A special composition is applied to the bristles and the inner surface of the muzzle is thoroughly treated several times.

Why buy from us

Our company in Warsaw has been working for many years in the field of production of brushes for various industries, including the defense industry. We are ready to offer our customers the most profitable conditions of cooperation:

  1. Production of products according to standard dimensions.
  2. Manufacture of brushes, bath brushes to order according to individual drawings.
  3. Restoration of old models.
  4. Unit price depends on the ordered quantity. For regular customers individual benefits in the form of prepayment of 50% and post-payment are possible.

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