Brush products for enterprises

Our company offers brush products for enterprises of any industrial orientation. These are accessories that are a basic element for different kinds of machinery and machines, providing fast and quality cleaning of the internal surface of the units, cleaning of premises and coatings or other needs.

Types of brushes for companies

We offer manufacturing brushes to order or standard versions of products of different modifications. In the product catalog you can find brushes of the following types for:

  • agricultural purposes;
  • medical enterprises;
  • production needs;
  • Food industry and chemical industry;
  • Gas and oil production (processing) enterprises;
  • production of cement and dry mixes;
  • dry cleaners;
  • woodworking and paint and varnish production;
  • shipbuilding, textile industry.

In addition, we produce and sell brushes for washing cars and public transport, floor cleaning and ventilation models.

The base (shaft) of all products is made of hardwood, plywood, propylene, which ensures reliability of attachment and durability of use of construction. Depending on the modification of the model for the manufacture of bristles (brush) are used polyamide fiber, nylon, natural hair.

Why buy from us

The main activity of our factory is the production of brushes. We are manufacturers and sellers of our own products, so we work without intermediaries. These conditions guarantee the customer the best prices for goods and individual approach. In particular, our specialists offer the possibility of manufacturing brushes to individual sizes and drawings.

With an order of 10 pieces delivery in Warsaw, Poland and abroad is possible. Depending on the volume of the lot and for regular customers the company provides significant discounts. Payment for the goods is made by mutual agreement of the parties: post-payment or prepayment of up to 50% of the total batch value.

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