Repair and restoration of brushes

More and more household and industrial equipment are manufactured in such a way that repairing their components becomes an almost impossible task and consumers believe that it is easier to purchase a new part than to find a specialist for restoration. Belgorod Brush Factory offers comprehensive services for the restoration of brushes of all types and models, design and manufacture of new brushes, replacement of pile of any stiffness and dilapidated base (roller or disk).

Advantages of Brush Restoration

In the modern industry, more and more machines and equipment are manufactured with molded cases, which makes them practically non-repairable. The employees of our brush factory are ready to offer you repair services for such worn-out industrial brushes.

Among other related services we offer:

  • repair, restoration of brushes;
  • replacement of old pile and bases with new ones.

The purchase of new equipment is a rather expensive solution, and therefore it will be much more profitable to order brush repair at an affordable price. The specialists of our company in Belgorod will quickly and efficiently perform any work on the restoration, manufacture and replacement of worn bore brushes, and you will save a considerable amount.

Step-by-step execution of work

Restoration of bristles is a rather complicated process that requires the professionalism of the master, the availability of relevant knowledge, experience and suitable equipment.

All work is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. First, specialists inspect the equipment, determine the degree of wear (both of the bristle itself and the base on which it is fixed).
  2. Next, a new base is selected or the old (if possible) is repaired, and the bristle is selected.
  3. New tufts of pile are attached to the base, the bristles are aligned in length.

After completing the work, the customer pays in cash or by bank transfer, and the master transfers the finished industrial brushes to him.

Specialists of the factory accept orders for the restoration of brushes for floor cleaning machines. The cost of the upcoming repair will be clear after the employees assess the complexity of the repair.

Call the numbers indicated on the website and we will restore your equipment as soon as possible.