Brushes for woodworking

Working part: propylene;
Housing: caprolone;

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Artificial aging technology is very popular in decorative woodworking. The right brushes for brushing wood help to give the product an exquisite appearance and achieve the desired effect as quickly as possible.

Brushes for brushing applications

Processing the wooden surface with a synthetic abrasive tool (hand or grinder) is carried out after the metal counterpart, to make the rough surface as smooth and tactile pleasant as possible. As the nap is used nylon, distinguished by its durability and resistance to abrasion when sanding.

What our factory has to offer

Treating the surface with a sander with a quality brush for brushing has many advantages, including speed, convenience, no lint residue on the wood and the optimal price of the product. There are a number of nuances to consider before purchasing the polishing products presented:

  • the design is universally suitable for hard and soft woods;
  • the products are oriented to brushing by professional power grinders;
  • the body is resistant to heat and mild mechanical damage.

You can order brushes of any shape and size in any quantity from us. We can also refurbish brushes and help you restore your tool to its original form and function.

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