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Cylindrical products of various diameters and lengths with tufts of pile, fixed along or in spiral rows, are called brush shafts.

By the principle of manufacture brush shafts are divided into following groups:

  • stuffed - used on automated production lines that do not require large mechanical loads - for the assembly of conveyor belts for sorting and transporting products, cleaning root crops, applying stickers, polishing surfaces, applying glazes and lubricants;
  • strip - used in mechanisms and equipment with a maximum load on the pile - specialized equipment, car washes, industrial enterprises, cleaning machines.

Wide variability of equipment with various types of bases (metal, plastic, wood) and pile (polypropylene, polyamide, natural pile, nylon) make it possible to produce brushing shafts according to individual customer drawings.

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You can not only buy brush shafts in Belgorod or with delivery throughout Russia, but also order the restoration of worn-out products. Prices for brush shafts are formed on an individual basis, depending on the volume of the order, the degree of complexity and cost of materials. For regular customers there are flexible discount systems and the possibility of deferred payment. You can get acquainted with the assortment of goods in the catalog of the BBF online store.


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