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Deck brush (or manual polisher) perfectly copes with various pollutions. With its help, you can quickly and efficiently perform dry or wet cleaning of surfaces made of tiles, wood, stone, granite, marble.

On the pages of our online store you will find a large assortment of various brooms and brushes. You can buy deck brush online or by phone. Our managers will contact you and specify the details of the delivery of goods in Belgorod.

Product features

The deck floor brush has a rectangular shape. The working part is made of short and stiff synthetic bristles, fixed in tufts on a wooden block. The presence of varnish coating guarantees base protection from moisture and ensures long service life of the entire product.

Depending on the material, the fixture for the handle can be:

  • metal;
  • plastic.

A hole with or without thread is angled. This is made to ensure reliable and tight fit of the handle, as well as to improve comfort and productivity during the washing process.

Our offer

One of the production activities of our factory is the manufacture of brush products for various purposes. There is a deck brush with hard bristle in our site catalog, which has distinctive characteristics. Goods are sold starting from 10 pcs. The price depends on the material and length of the bristles, the base material, the number of pile tufts and the volume of the order.


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